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Army vs Tulane Live

Date and Time: September 23rd, 2017 12:00 PM EST
Venue: Yulman Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Army Black Knights vs Tulane Green Wave match is scheduled for 12:00 PM EST. It will be at the Yulman Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. Army Black Knights are at a 2-1 overall, while Tulane Gree Wave at a 1-2 overall. Further, the ATS against the spread is 2-1 for both teams. Army the Independents (FBS) and currently in a better form than Tulane in this season. They are both, however, below many of the top-scoring teams that are sitting with a win of 3, neither do they have win streaks right now. In some ways, you can say that both the teams are equally matched.

The Army Black defense ranks no. 46 with a 20.33 PPG. This will be really important especially against a no. 89 ranked offense with 26 PPG from the Tulane Green Wave. All in all, the gist of the technical details is that they seem to be supporting an Army Black victory. However, there are a lot of factors in college basketball that decide which team wins in a specific match. This match is no different. It’s hard to say for sure that Army Black won’t disappoint these predictions and apparent superiorities.

Further, Army was unable to deliver an impressive performance in their last match. Army lost to the Buckeyes in a terrible 38-7 thrashing that puts any high hopes right into the bin. Tulane has an L1 streak. However, their score at home is 1-0 while they have lost 0-2 away from home. This is inspiring, and apparently, something that Tulane fans are betting on. Nevertheless, Tulane is the lowest standings in the American Athletic Conference. Whether they can change the tide or not in this match will decide the future of the team this NCAAFB season.



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